Sunday, February 20, 2011

Phuzz Street Knuckle Busters

Under Construction>>>>>>> After arriving at Berea College in August of 1970 I lived on 4th floor of Pearson Hall... I had taken my banjo with me to school and played some on the floor, but hadn't met anyone else who played...but I kept hearing of a guitar player that was on campus. It took from August until late September for us to meet. Dr. Gary English got us together to take some photographs for publicity for the first Appalachian Music Symposium that would be held that November... Glenn and I along with Dean Louie Smith and his fiddle went with Dr. English out to Indian Fort Theater. I had several first that day. I didn’t know Glenn, had never known the delight of Dean Louie Smith either until then and had never traveled all the way out to the theater yet. As it turned out, Dean Smith didn’t play the fiddle but in photographs it really didn’t matter. Somewhere in one of the old year books I think there a couple of those photos. Beside the College Post Office I first met Glenn Lawson...Playing a 12 string guitar with a large Peace Symbol on it and looking very much like one of the Beach Boys.....

Bean Blossom Indiana, Bill Monroe's Brown County Jamboree Barn. November 4th 1977

Photo courtesy of Tony Estes The last edition of the Knucklebusters

Tony Testerman, me, Ted Harlan, and Ed Kellough

1986 The Knucklebusters with Patty Davidson, about 1984-85

Tony and I in Lil Abner. He was Mayor Dogmeat and I was Marrin Sam. So much fun

We did the play as a dark night performance during Wilderness Road.

I didn't know what I was getting myself into...I'd never been anything but a dandialion in a 3rd grade play and I had no idea that Marrin Sam had to sing, dance and only 3 in lines to Lil Abner and Daisy Mae....

Craig Bannerman, Daisy Mae Luttrell, Glen Lawson, Tony Estes

during the time of my student teaching in 1974. Actually they called themselves the Blackhawk Bluegrass Band, but everyone still reffered to them as the Knucklebusters..

We hit the big time. Bill even announced on the Grand Ole Opry the week before that we were going to be a Bean Blossom....

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