Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Carlton Haney: In tune with the Universe

I’ve visited Carlton's resting place regularly since his services.
Its a very peaceful place where birds sing sweetly and soar on the breeze; toward the east there is a beautiful view of the rolling Carolina Piedmont.

In life Carlton enjoyed the spotlight occasionally as he arranged entertainment for the masses. It was fitting that on the day of his services that the Heavens honored him, March 19, 2011 the Full Moon was the closest to the Earth that it will be until 2016.

In Carlton’s later years he talked of Bill Monroe’s timing, the teachings of Pythagoras and mathematical connections to music.

Today He rest at Latitude: 36.425962 and ,Longitude -79.723535;,-79.723684&spn=0.00202,0.004292&t=f&z=17&ecpose=36.42548814,-79.7236836,618.02,0,13.184,0&lci=com.panoramio.all and

Where continues to travel, he makes a trip around the sun one time each year,
now being truly in tune with the Universe.

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