Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Visiting Carlton Haney's Grave

I visited Carlton's final resting place yesterday afternoon for the first time. He rest near his Mother and Father in Roselawn Memorial Gardens near Reidsville North Carolina.
I had an appointment not far away and wanted to go by and make sure things were ok there, the flowers were beginning to fade a little, but all was well.

I had been given a copy of the 1972 Blue Grass Awards at Carlton's Funeral on Saturday by Mr. Knight(wish I could remember his first name) who used to tape many of the performances at Camp Springs and listened to it on my trip down. Sonny Osborne and Fred Bartenstein were giving the awards and Carlton spoke of the Museum and Learning Center he wanted to create on the grounds there. Unfortunately he never received the support he needed.

Carlton Haney had dreams; more dreams than the common man, but the difference in Carlton Haney and the common man was when Carlton had dreams many times he did something to try to make them materialize where as the common man's dreams go un acted upon.

On Saturday afternoon I was the last to leave his grave site, remembering Don Reno's funeral in 1984 where John Palmer, David Deese, Carlton and I were the last to leave.
Carlton, David and I stood as John's grave was filled, David passed only a few days before Carlton on March 13,th, I was at Davids funeral when Carlton passed from this earth.

Carlton's grave was filled and grass seeds strown at 4:43 PM on Saturday March 19, 2011.

Now they are all gone now and I feel very musically and creatively alone.

Carlton in his later years talked of being in rhythm and in tune with the Universe, it was fitting that on the day of his services, that night the moon was said to be brighter and closer to the earth than any time in the next 27 years. Fitting that the Universe shared it's special light on a Carlton who did so much in the background and never seeked the fame of the "bright lights".

Rest easy ole pal....I look forward to hearing your ideas again someday....

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