Tuesday, March 8, 2011


"Wheelwright" I worked that out tune in Ottawa, Ohio on a F2 mandolin that Kenny Baker had traded for when I was working for Bill. Bill came on the bus and ask me about what I was playing and I told him it was a tune I was working on and I was going to call it Wheelwright. He said that he worked that little town in Kentucky one time years ago and they had some sort of a disturbance there that he "had to take care of" and kind of chuckled.

A year or so later I went home from college with Jake Fraley from Wheelwright and when he told his dad I had worked for Bill he said that once Bill played the Wheelwright Theater and during the show some guys who had been drinking kept hollering during the show and the three of them got in a scuffle in the back of the theater. Bill laid his mandolin down with the still band playing, went to the back of the theater grabbed each by the seat of their pants and the neck of their shirt and threw all three of them out thru the box office. He walked back up and picked up his mandolin and finished the song.

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