Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Kenny Bakers Birthday June 26th, 1981

Paul Mullins helped to promote a Blue Grass Festival in southern Kentucky called Jellico Creek in 1982. Bill had such a good time putting together some things for Kenny's birthday....this is where I got the idea for our first Bill Monroe Birthday Celebration where the Blue Grass Boy's presented him with the leather covered case with "Bill Monroe" "The Father of Blue Grass Music" carved in the leather covering.

Bill announced on stage that "today is Kenny Baker's Birthday".

and gave Kenny a birthday card

it also had a 50 dollar bill in it.

A lady from the audience wanted to give Kenny a hug....

another gift that day

Bill had talked to Paul Mullins about any sort of old rough looking fiddle he could find...Paul said he had one that at one time had a hornets nest in it....they wrapped it in a plastic bag...

Kenny plays along....

"now this looks like one I lost years ago...."

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