Monday, February 27, 2012

Man and His World. August 1971

We worked in the geodesic dome that Buckminster Fuller designed for the 1967 Worlds Fair in Montreal for a week in 1971 for the Smithsonian.

This is a shot from the monorail while we were on the main stage.

The following are some scenes of the different displays within the dome and photos from the monorail.

There were all sorts of craftsmen and representatives of everyday life in the United States.
This was a dulcimer maker named McSpadden, from the Ozarks.

The Yankee Whitler, D.J. Holmes, Plymouth, Maine.

Utah Phillips entertains in "The Barn."

A fiddle maker.

Some wildlife from the States.

Native American Village from New Mexico....these folks had some wonderful food.

Shots from the monorail.

Mr. Sam McGee of the Grand Ole Opry, who was to perform the week after we left, is shown with a Sunday audience.

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