Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Founding Member of the IBMA

February 9, 1986
It took a few months to get things going but they've been going ever since.

During 1985 Lance Leroy was the driving force that encouraged the formation of an organization dedicated to Blue Grass Music. Using the frameworks of a Nashville Blue Grass Orgainzation which published a regular perodical "The Nashville Skyline Rag", he assembled a group of Industry professionals in the late spring for the purpose of making a Blue Grass Organization a reality.
In October of 1985 I attended the second organisational meeting of what was to become the IBMA (International Bluegrass Music Association).
It was held in Nashville; in a small auditorium, if my memory serves me right, on the Belmont College Campus.

Electricity was in the air that day. Several attempts had been made to create a National Blue Grass Music Association and to this point in time all had failed with the exception of SPBGMA, which was more of a mid west(Missouri area) based organization(even though they had moved thier award program to Nashville). Interested individuals who worked or was interested in Blue Grass Music had traveled from all parts of the country to be at this meeting.

Art Menius agreed to act as Executive Director and Randall Hylton agreed handle the Secretary/Treasurer's duties. It was decided that in order to move forward with the creation of such an organization there was a need for some "seed money"; for postage and other incidentals to get the ball rolling.
It was decided that anyone willing to make the donation of $100.00 would be known as a "Founding Member" .

I was proud to be able to be there and become a part of history.

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