Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My association with Gibson Guitar Part 2

The 1986 at the first International Bluegrass Music Trade Show and Fan Fest was held outside in English Park in Owensboro Kentucky.

I had started a radio program that I hoped to syndicate to stations across the country. Tony Testerman helped me and we participated in the Trade Show. Just up the tent from where we were set up, Gibson had a display of instruments. It was the typical line of acoustic guitars, F5 mandolins and banjos of the day with the exception of a prototype "Granada" which after looking at it from afar I was disgusted with it...

Charlie Deerington was in charge  mandolin building at Gibson at the time and were making reasonable mandolins and a run of the mill RB 250 and two years earlier issued a Earl Scruggs Model.

Charlie asked what I thought of the "Granada" and I wouldn't even pick it up. Its looks were, to the trained eye, nothing like a Granada of the 1930's which this was supposed to be a recreation of. Charlie just thought I was a snob I guess until he asked Pete Kuykendall "Who does this guy think he is." Pete told him that I had been studying and working on pre-war instruments for several years.

Fast forward a few months.... (Remainder Under Construction)

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